10 Essential Elements To Know When Launching Into The Online Space


Walter Nigh

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Number 1: Why Use the Internet to do Business?

The internet should be looked at as a tool – a tool providing information to improve your life and lifestyle, which can teach you something new, give you access to information you normally would not have access to, help you locate family and friends and connect with them, assist in finding a perfect gift for someone you love, and entertain you while you enjoy some relaxing time. This fantastic internet is all of the above and so much more!

Universal internet access for millions of people world-wide is permitting entry into a myriad of opportunities, exposure to millions of new ideas, thoughts and interests, and opens the doors for finding a means to improve their life and their family’s life through many online opportunities – marketing, sales, and e-commerce.

For off-line companies and business people, the internet provides a world-wide audience, a pool of future customers and potential sales. It provides them a means of communicating the message and vision of their company, their products and services to a market not in their current locale or area. For the person needing information, the internet provides a 24 hour, open 7 days-a-week university-level library with a wealth of knowledge and data. For the mother needing help with a health issue for a family member, the internet provides an immediate remedy and counsel bringing treatment for someone suffering.

This can be a conversation without end – as the internet has a boundless supply to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

More and more, the “online space” is a blossoming community crossing language barriers, national borders, culture and customs, race, creed, religion or political affiliations. Each year we see more and more online engagement for selling, buying, playing, and entertaining. Thousands of websites cater to our every need, whim, or desire – while clamoring for our undivided attention to buy some of their offered products or services.

Why should we use the internet for business and making money?

1. Internet Marketing Is Cost Effective – It’s more expensive to market products through a physical retail outlet than marketing these same products on the internet. Monthly costs, fees and rental expenses DON’T translate to costs working on the internet.

2. The internet is open 24/7 – The internet provides the freedom to operate at any hour of the day or night – seven days a week!

3. Customized Shopping Experience. A business can now offer a customized and tailored shopping experience for their Clients. Customized by tools to view a customers’ buying habits, buying history and profile and provide them with targeted products and services.

4. Social Media: Businesses and internet marketers can engage with Social media for new customers and clients. Future sales could potentially be made by customers who are online and looking for products and services. Why NOT go where the customers are??

5. Building Relationships and Communication is enhanced on the Internet. Not only can customers view products in their own time and place, but they have a means to ask questions and interact with any online company. This helps to build trust and confidence when they are ready to return and make a purchase.

6. Internet marketing allows any business access to a huge market. Distance means nothing on the internet. Products or services can be sold and sent anywhere in the entire world. If a store or business is limited by its location – then the internet can broaden their exposure and increase their market significantly.

Number 2: Am I good Online Entrepreneurial material?

The world is full of “Entrepreneurs.” They are everywhere! You cannot go anywhere in the entire world without coming into contact with these type of people.

Who are they?

They’re the ones who create jobs. They create products, services – things we cannot live without! They’re the ones who rise up early, stay up late, to reach for and grasp, something the rest of the world can only dream about.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who see what is and can dream about what’s not! A successful entrepreneur finds a problem and then creates a solution for profit!

Entrepreneurs build things – factories, buildings, hotels, restaurants, and bridges. They create products and services, new devices to entertain and thrill, communicate and educate the world – a plethora of enterprises making our world what it is today.

Will building your online business be easy?  No! It’s just as hard as building a regular “brick and mortar” business.

Long hours, early hours, late hours, unpaid hours is what it takes to really have the entrepreneurial heart, the mindset, the real stick-with-it character to see it through until it works. Real joy and satisfaction comes for the real entrepreneur over very simple and non-complex accomplishments. A payroll met, enough profit to pay the light bill, or even enough left over to take their spouse out for a special dinner!

For the online entrepreneur, seeing a campaign started, getting good ROI on a Facebook ad campaign, the joy of knowing your links work and the knowledge someone somewhere received value from your content, makes the sacrifices worthwhile.

Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to be one?

Do you fall apart when something goes wrong? Are you sensitive to negative criticism? Starting out, can you be happy working for little or no pay? When you are faced with a decision, do you freeze up? When you hit a brick wall are you prone to giving up and finding a different thing to do? How good are you at thinking on your feet? When the pressure is on, what do you do?

Many businesses fail, most businesses fold up and close within 3 years! This happens for many reasons, but for entrepreneurs, the failure of any business is simply an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and then to go on to build their next opportunity.

Can you handle this? If not, you need to stick with your J-O-B!

There’s an article by Nellie Akalp (experts.allbusiness.com) listing 10 benefits of being a business owner (in general) and things entrepreneurs are grateful for. Are you interested in thing like these?

  1. Being in control of your life
  2. Employees that help you do more
  3. Being flexible – being able to take your child to the doctor without having to take time off.
  4. Vacations when you want them – if convenient!
  5. Technology making you more productive.
  6. Your social network – business associates, customers, friends – a network of support
  7. Being able to work from anywhere- the internet and globalization makes working on the beach and enduring the sand fleas bearable!
  8. The excitement of a new idea – the creative juices are flowing!
  9. Small business success – the knowledge your idea is a hit!
  10. Creating value – when you run a business, you make a difference! You can create products to solve problems for your customers or clients. You can matter to them and change lives for the better. (Nellie Akalp)

You can enjoy the above 10 benefits as an online business owner just as much as a brick and mortar” business owner.

An online internet business offers anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit and a working system, the opportunity to build something great – for a very small investment of time and effort. You only need to engage a system, follow the plan, put forth the effort and be consistent.

Then you can truly be an Entrepreneur – someone able to build an airplane after jumping off a cliff!  Wow!