Free Online Training Course

How to Engage with Marketing on the Internet Profitably and Efficiently!

Hello and Welcome!

This training course was written and developed by Walter Nigh, an online marketer since 2014. It was written to help beginning marketers (First Steppers) gain a strong and solid foundation about Online Marketing.

After a brief introduction, it takes the First Stepper through the Top Three Methods and Strategies for earning on the Internet, through the minefield of the dangers of working online, and then puts valuable tools in their hands for efficient and effective online marketing.

Whether you are a beginning or seasoned marketer, First Steps Online brings a concise understanding of the foundational elements to working online.

What’s Jam-Packed inside?

Module 1: The Internet – Why Use it for Business?

Module 2: Making Money Online in the 21st Century!

Module 3: Affiliate Marketing 101

Module 4: Email Marketing

Module 5: Fun with Funnels

Module 6: Soaring Through the Online Space

Module 7: Importance of Staying Safe Online?

Module 8: IM Lingo and Shop Talk

Module 9: Bring On the Browsers

Module 10: What’s Up with URLs and Links?

Module 11, Part 1: Language and Internet Terms

Module 11, Part 2: A Brief Internet History

Module 12: Top Ten Tools of the Trade

Final Thoughts on First Steps Online 1.0