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Discover why Email Marketing is still one the most used method for online marketers and Affiliate Marketers to earn a full-time income!

My Approach to Email Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Followers and Subscribers

Successful internet gurus and marketers rave about their list and how much money they make from them.

“The money is in the list!”  “The profit is in the list!”  “Take care of your list!

Why is “The List” such a big deal for you?

Because the PEOPLE on your list will pay for your new car, your new house, and your next vacation in Tahiti!

When I started working online, I really didn’t understand WHY I needed a list. HOW to build a list was as unclear as rocket science! Even now it’s a challenge as I’m configuring CNAME settings in my DNS settings for my up-coming website! Whew! It’s a real brain-bender!

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