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A literary excerpt from the opening introduction:

Have you ever found yourself asking, “The week is over, what have I accomplished?”

I have! Sunday evening finds me sitting in my recliner thinking back on the week and wondering if anything went right, where I went wrong and when did the train leave the tracks! Time screams past at the speed of light in our hectic and frantic lives and at times we are left looking at the disaster and carnage of our efforts.

The Thai language says it like this, “Mot bpluang waelah.”  Literally it means, “Exhausted time.” All that’s left at the end of the day or week is wisps of smells, fragments of bygone conversations, flashbacks of unproductive efforts, and the dust from our dashed dreams and expectations.

Putting it in everyday terms for truck drivers: What you smell at the south end of a diesel truck heading north!

For all the farmers: “What you smell at the south end of a cow facing north!”

”Ok, Walt, you’ve made your point! A lot of people are lousy at time management, charting productivity and goal planning!”

Where do we go from here?  How do we change? How can we turn this around, stop being procrastinators and see more results from our efforts?

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