10 Essential Elements

…To Know When Launching Into The Online Space

The Launch Heard ‘Round The World!

“It’s an early Sunday afternoon in Portland, Oregon as my family and I dine with friends in a local restaurant.  The date:  July 20th, 1969.  The restaurants’ large TV is tuned to the local station and all eyes are glued to it as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins make history for the first US moon landing and walk.

Neil Armstrong’s words of, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” will forever live in infamy and be quoted by every young boy watching that glorious event, including myself!

This event set off a whirl-wind of national pride and excitement and ushered in the age of NASA’s dominance in space exploration and development. Since “one step for mankind,” the last 50 years have truly been an awesome hyper-drive leap for those keeping their eyes focused on outer space.

Your entry and journey into the “Online Space” can be as memorable and exciting.  Maybe you’ve heard or read about someone’s online success and are hoping to follow their trajectory and enjoy the same flight success.

Therefore, you’re excited about the prospects and potential, eager to learn, yearning to experience, thrilled with the opportunity of a better life, a better financial foundation and future for yourself and your family. Yet perhaps a little fearful of the journey, afraid of the outcome, and unsure of the consequences of your experiences.

Launching an online enterprise, while exciting and thrilling, can soon be filled with fear, apprehension, and a feeling of being lost.  “Houston, we have a problem.” So much to learn, so much to do, and all the options can easily lead to overwhelm, confusion, and spinning uncontrollably into outer space!

But hang on to your tether, space-walker! I’m going to be your wing-man, your space-buddy, right beside you all the way on your online, inter-galactic journey!

In internet terms, you’re a “newbie”- someone with a fertile mind, like a blank slate or a new sponge, just waiting to receive input, knowledge, and online experiences. (In one of my online courses I call you a “First Stepper!”)

Newbies need help getting started, be told where to go, how to use certain tools, and where to focus their efforts.

Therein lies the purpose of this short guide.  Welcome!

I part the planets and nix the nebulae, just a little, to illuminate the how, why, and what of online marketing. This guide helps to alleviate the fear through knowledge, clear up the confusion with understanding, and simply illuminates your best flight plan.

You’ll discover in this short guide, core principles and elements of working in the online space. While this guide isn’t extensive on each and every subject, it gives you a limited view into the world of online marketing and helps you make the right choices, for yourself, about what to do and where to focus.


Am I a seasoned online space traveler?  No way, not yet!

Do I have all the answers?  Hardly, but I’m determined to continue expanding my knowledge, abilities, and skills UNTIL I’ve achieved my dreams and helped you with yours.

What I teach here is exactly what I’ve been doing and putting into action for the past several years while teaching hundreds of other “Newbies” to do the same!

Are you ready to step into your online space-craft? Are you ready to launch into this big new virtual world and conquer it?

Alrighty then!

Houston, we are ready for liftoff!

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