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Here you will find training courses for “newbies” as well as strategies, methods, and online resources for more advanced online marketers.

New courses and resources are being added often, so feel free to browse and return at any time.

Signature Products and Tutorials

Get Started Here

Discover 10 internet elements and strategies of working and making money online.

This quick guide is a great starter for any “newbie”.

First Steps Online 1.0

If you are going to build a strong and lasting online business, you must build a solid foundation. This training course provides that foundation.

Training Modules, videos and downloadable resources.

One-on-One Coaching

Everyone has had a feeling of being lost, confused, and overwhelmed. This is normal!

Talking to someone who clarifies your online strategies can be crucial.

Walt's Walk n Talk

Short lessons from around my Thai neighborhood.

Experience some Thai adventures and experiences while learning more about online marketing.

Build Your Site

Having your own website is one of the best ways to create an evergreen income and showcase your products and services.

Help for SFI Affiliates

Here you will find Training Courses, videos and downloadable resources to help build your SFI strong and profitable. Also includes all “Awesome Sponsor” Videos.

Walt's "How To" Videos

Many online marketers struggle with technical issues. Here are some over-the-shoulder videos showing you how-to do and use various programs.

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Training Courses and Resources:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest. Get started on the right foot! Discover the “How-to’s” for profitable affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing

Learn the ins and outs of building your own list of eager subscribers and buyers.

Fun With Funnels

Build your own sales funnels and direct your leads and contacts through your sales promotions.

 Coming soon!

Online Marketing

Training courses, e-books, and videos about online marketing methods and strategies.

 Coming soon!

Landing Capture Pages

Knowing how to maximize your landing capture pages is paramount to successfully building a list.

Website Development

Having your own website is one of the best ways to  showcase your products and services.


Discover the numerous strategies and locations to effectively put your offers in front of eager buyers.

This training coming soon!

Training Resources

Want to know more about Social Media Marketing, how to improve your SEO on your blog or website, or some quick motivation?

 Coming soon! 

Hello, I’m Walter Nigh!

For the past 8 years, I’ve been working in the online space. During these years, I have been involved in many online strategies including: affiliate marketing, email marketing, sales funnels, e-commerce stores, membership sites and more.

In addition, I’ve written numerous articles, blogs, e-books, which you will find here on my website.

The training courses within this website are strategies and methods I use myself.

I love working on the internet and working with others who want to build a lasting and profitable online business.

My Mission:  To Help New Internet Entrepreneurs Build a Solid Foundation for Creating a Profitable Online Business.

Need a helping hand? Consider One-on-One Coaching!