Number 1:

Why use the Internet to do business?

The internet should be looked at as a tool – a tool providing information to improve your life and lifestyle, which can teach you something new, give you access to information you normally would not have access to, help you locate family and friends and connect with them, assist in finding a perfect gift for someone you love, and entertain you while you enjoy some relaxing time.

This fantastic internet is all of that and so much more!

Universal internet access for billions of people world-wide is permitting access into a myriad of opportunities. This includes exposure to new ideas, thoughts and interests, and opening the doors for to improve their life and their family’s life through many online opportunities – marketing, sales, and e-commerce.

For off-line companies and business people, the internet provides a world-wide audience, a pool of future customers and potential sales. It provides them a means of communicating the message and vision of their company, their products and services to a market not in their current locale or area.

For the person needing information, the internet provides a 24 hour, open 7 days-a-week university-level library with a wealth of knowledge and data.

For the mother needing help with a health issue for a family member, the internet provides an immediate remedy and counsel bringing treatment for someone’s suffering.

This can be a conversation without end – as the internet is a boundless supply to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

More and more, the “online space” is a blossoming community crossing language barriers, national borders, culture and customs, race, creed, religion or political affiliations. Each year we see more and more online engagement for selling, buying, playing, and entertaining. Thousands of websites cater to our every need, whim, or desire – while clamoring for our undivided attention to buy some of their offered products or services.

Why should we use the internet for business and making money?

1. Internet Marketing Is Cost Effective – It’s more expensive to market products through a physical retail outlet than marketing these same products on the internet. Monthly costs, fees and rental expenses DON’T translate to costs working on the internet.

2. The internet is open 24/7 – The internet provides the freedom to operate at any hour of the day or night – seven days a week!

3. Customized Shopping Experience. A business can now offer a customized and tailored shopping experience for their Clients. Customized by tools to view a customers’ buying habits, buying history and profile and provide them with targeted products and services.

4. Social Media: Businesses and internet marketers can engage with Social media for new customers and clients. Future sales could potentially be made by customers who are online and looking for products and services. Why NOT go where the customers are??

5. Building Relationships and Communication is enhanced on the Internet. Not only can customers view products in their own time and place, but they have a means to ask questions and interact with any online company. This helps to build trust and confidence when they are ready to return and make a purchase.

6. Internet marketing allows any business access to a huge market. Distance means nothing on the internet. Products or services can be sold and sent anywhere in the entire world. If a store or business is limited by its location – then the internet can broaden their exposure and increase their market significantly.