Number 4:

The Internet: The good, bad, and the scammed!

When working online, not everything is rosy and good, as the internet has become a haven and opportunity for those who would deprive us of our hard-earned money, reputations, and self-worth.

Illegal, immoral, and unethical activities easily run rampant long before any watch-dog or monitoring authorities step in to halt such operations.

Care does need to be taken to protect your online privacy and personal information. If you’re not careful, enormous harm can come to your reputation, your identity, and your personal, private information can be compromised.

Hundreds of articles and blogs have been written giving guidance and warnings for First Steppers working online.

Are you worried about being “Scamboozled?”

You should be! Many seasoned online marketer has experienced some form of scam, deception, loss, or compromised personal information in their online life.

Being “scamboozled,” (scam + bamboozled) falling prey to some unscrupulous charlatans misleads, is not a good thing to live through.

Statistics indicate every 3 seconds (in the USA) someone’s identity is stolen; causing data loss, lack of online confidence, loss of time and money, and the risk of private information being abused.

The internet is full of scams, viruses, bots, Trojans, phishing schemes, malware, ransom-ware (your device being held hostage until payment is made), Spammers, hucksters, and shysters wanting to separate you from your money and valuable identities!

​Ok, Walter, you’ve got me concerned now. How can I protect myself when online?

Build a digital “moat” around your private, personal information. Discover actionable ways to protect yourself while working online.

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Another fitting word in this scenario is “digital Decepti-cons.”

These scammers not only use false and fraudulent words, but omit and withhold valuable and important details which seriously impact your outcome and results.

This can be exemplified as, “This product and method is as easy as 1-2-3!” However, leaving out numerous details, the level of expertise and knowledge needed between steps 1 and step 2!

Hmmm . . . word of advice?

“Be Aware and Prepared!”

Not everything you see, read, and hear on the internet can be taken as truth!

In view of this, the internet provides everyone equal opportunity access to create online wealth and prosperity through diligence, ingenuity, and skill.

One simply has to educate themselves in the “What,” take action with the “How”, and then leverage and expand it into further success.

Online Marketing, Internet Business, Internet Marketing, or whatever it may be called, isn’t for everyone!

It requires a certain level of skills and capabilities not everyone is going to be able to attain. Yes, everyone has access and opportunity, but in the end, few will find the necessary keys to create the lifestyle and income they dream about.

If one is willing to invest their time to learn new skills, gain experience with those skills, and then leverage those skills, one may very well find themselves the success and lifestyle they seek.

The face of consumerism is changing each year. We see more and more “brick and mortar” companies closing due to declining sales.

On the other hand, internet and online sales are sky-rocketing each year.  CNBC reported on Cyber Monday (2017) online sales for the United States alone surpassed $6.5 Billion and climbing.

More and more people are making purchase decisions online due to the increasing ease of purchase and the vast selections available. Many products and services are cost-effective and lower than local pricing.

Additionally, many clients and customers first research their intended purchase for features and price as well as what their friends are saying about it on social media sites – even though they may purchase the product locally.

Are you ready to begin? Does having an online internet marketing business still appeal to you?

Whether or not you are, you now should have a better understanding about this amazing world-wide platform changing how business is done, how our lives are lived, and how online marketing has the potential to drastically alter your life and lifestyle.