​​Number 5:

How do I make money on the internet?

The answer is very simple – Sales!

It does not matter what you do – the money you make – comes from sales!!

Yes! Whether you are promoting a product, offering a specialized service or training, or trying to sell your own product – all money is made from sales!

So . . . it’s important you learn how to sell products online, whether your own products or someone else’s. And how to sell them profitably.

If you CANNOT do this or not willing to take the time to learn this, then you are wasting your time trying to build an online business!!

First we need to consider a very important question:

If Sales is the way to make money on the internet, then HOW DO I MAKE SALES??

Good question, right?

METHODS and STRATEGIES on how to make sales are many and diverse. And many of these methods and strategies are very complicated with variations developed over the years. However, it is not my purpose here to overwhelm you with all the different methods and variations, but to simply introduce the popular and most effective ways you can learn and engage quickly and easily.

Salesmanship, selling methods and skills can be easily learned and with a little practice become a skill to earn you a lot of money. Thousands of resources are available (online!) to teach you the basics of selling, selling techniques, and how to master the art of selling.

In this short introduction to online marketing, I introduce three of the more popular and workable methods for creating sales on the internet.

Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Funnels.

Educating yourself about these three, engaging these in a profitable way, then expanding and leveraging them into a sustainable income will place you on a very solid and sure path for a strong and successful journey.

Now . . . before we dive into these three methods, we first need to work on 2 core elements. If you can be successful at mastering these two elements then you will have no problem being successful online.

They are – Trust and Value to the Marketplace.

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Let’s take a closer look at:


When you work on the internet you are working in an invisible digital environment. This environment is not physical, cannot put your hands on it, and you cannot physically walk through any door to see a physical product.

When people, internet visitors, feel they are walking into an unknown and untested region, or kept from seeing what would normally be seen – they fear! Humans fear what they do not see, do not understand, have no experience with – and their survival mode kicks in.

 This human element of fear dictates they fall back, retreat into comfort-zones and back to the “known.”

The younger generations grew up with the internet as a common medium, therefore, this is NOT an issue. It is the older generations who have felt a lot of frustration and distrust. Overcoming this is a big challenge for any online marketer. The structure of working on the internet does not lend itself to building confidence and trust the same way as having a physical coffee shop, shoe store, or grocery store builds trust.

Online businesses have to build confidence and trust in different ways.

Value to the Marketplace!

“We get paid to bring value to the Marketplace. It takes time . . . but we don’t get paid for our time, we get paid for our value.” (Jim Rohn)

Many of us have skills, knowledge and abilities shared by so many other people, thus we have no individual or personal value to the marketplace!

We must take the time to develop ourselves. Our efforts should be to achieve proficiency in certain abilities, tools and skills which will improve our value more and more to the marketplace.

Another way to say this is we need to have something of value other people are willing to pay us money to share this value with them!

It is important to lay a foundation of value – be value based. For one, this helps to create TRUST and second, it opens the door for them to seriously consider what you have to offer. They now know you – because you have provided something of meaning and value to them. This, in turn, will cause others to appreciate that value and pay you for it.

Jim Rohn hit the nail on the head; “You get paid for your value, not your time!”

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