Number 8:

Method 2: Email Marketing

The consensus among internet marketers is,

“The money is in the List!

The money is in your relationship with your List!

Take care of your list!”

When I first started working online, I truthfully did not understand WHY I needed a list and certainly HOW to build a list is as clear to me as rocket science!

First, what is a list and what is it a list of?

Ok, good questions!

A list is simply a collection of a group of people who have freely provided an online marketer their names and email addresses and this list is kept in an “Autoresponder.”

Now without being too involved and complicated, an autoresponder is an automated online program storing the names and emails into a data base. Once stored, you send emails to them on a regular or automated schedule to promote different products or services you are excited about. Clear?

A good autoresponder program is one of the first and foremost necessary tools to use when working online.

Ok, Walter, How do I build a list?

To be successful with “list building,” you need to have something people want or are interested in (a report, an action guide, “Top 10,” free book, etc.) and a way of collecting people’s name and email addresses.

A Landing Capture Page (LCP), squeeze page or Capture page is what 99% of Email marketers use.

An LCP (like a mini-sales page) offers to the prospective subscriber (future member of a list) a little taste or nugget of information they want to have and are willing to exchange their name and email details for it.

When they hit “Submit,” their name and email address are sent to an autoresponder program and entered into an email campaign. Their name and email address has now been “captured.”

This is how you “Build a List!”

How does a savvy internet marketer convince people to give up their private name and email details? 

Bribe them, offer them a “carrot on the end of a stick.” Something of value to sufficiently motivate them to release their private information to you, a stranger.

Then once an internet marketer has a list built, he begins to communicate to his list by emails, through his autoresponder (sent automatically), offering them solutions to a problem, some valuable content or training, and through this communication – builds trust.

Once this trust relationship is built, then the subscriber/person feels more comfortable in pulling out their credit card and purchasing an item being promoted.

This is Email Marketing! Highly effective and still one of the highest return-on-investment (ROI) for building an online income.

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