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Here’s a re-cap of the discussion during the 2021 Super Bowl Game.

My FIVE areas to Crush in 2021 are:

     1. Affiliate Marketing – this still is the best and easiest way for newbies to earn an income. Yes, you do need to know where to start and how to do it, but you already have been introduced to one of the best Affiliate Marketing Platforms – SFI!

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     2. Email Marketing – one of my favorite methods and one area I am personally working hard to develop more in 2021. Still one of the highest ROI of any strategy, email marketing will allow you to interact and engage with more people than before.

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     3.  Website building and Landing Capture Pages. These two go hand in hand. Learning how to build a website will also allow you to build LCPs and squeeze pages to send traffic and capture email address and building your own personal list of buying customers.

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    4.  Funnels – What can I say about Funnels? They’ve been around for a very long time, and will be after you and I are gone!  They are used everywhere!  For upsells, downsells, add-ons, and building a solid online enterprise.  I’m going to have a funnel soon you can personally take as your own to build a list and earn more income.

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     5.  E-Commerce – Due to this pandemic we’ve all be a part of, e-commerce has emerged as one of the hottest methods for earning income.  From simple soup and donut shops to major online retailers, everyone is hopping on the e-commerce train. Why not you? Look for products and services you are passionate about – develop a site – doesn’t have to be fancy or jam-packed – just do it – drive some traffic – and keep at it!

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Below are the FIVE areas with a special gift to download. 

     1. Affiliate Marketing – Click HERE for download

     2. Email Marketing – Click HERE for download

     3. Website and Landing Capture Pages – Click HERE for download

     4. Funnels – Click HERE for download

     5. E-Commerce Site Building – Click HERE for download

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