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with George McBride and Walter Nigh

George McBride

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SFI Affiliate since 2012


Strong Future International is an Affiliate Marketing platform.

SFI has thousands of products as well as very popular online games; CardKing, Grand Master Poker, ZackJack, just to name a couple.

Astro-Auctions are super popular along with their signature PriceBender Auctions.

George McBride is my SFI Sponsor. Occasionally, we’ve gotten together to make videos about working online and especially with SFI.

Here are some of the best ones we’ve made. Some subjects are out-dated and may not be valid for today, i.e. Obsolete SFI programs and Past SuperBowl games, but somewhere inside each video are golden nuggets of great marketing wisdom. Enjoy!

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Walter Nigh

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SFI Affiliate since 2015

Facebook Group: Online Income Strategies

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Value to the Marketplace

George and Walter breakdown elements of increasing your value to your marketplace.

Value of a Customer

How much value can you put on a customer for 1 sale, one month, one year, or a lifetime?

6 Pillars of Profit

George and Walt discuss the 6 different Pillars of making a profit and creating and income.


Communicating and engaging with your leads and customers will lead to increasing sales.

Interview 1 - George McBride

Every online marketer is looking for new ways to promote their products. Here’s a new approach.

Interview 2 - George McBride

Internet Marketing questions for my Awesome Sponsor and online guru.

Interview 3 - George McBride

Increase your sales audience and customer base by using Twitter. Find out how – here!

Interview 4 - George McBride

In this Awesome Sponsor episode we take a look at getting traffic from Traffic Exchanges.

Tweet This (Original)

George shares his new marketing program and Walter shows you how to do it!

Tweet This - Promo

George’s program is updated for new material and better engagement.

George's Featured ECA

George’s TripleClicks ECA was featured worldwide and we discuss the impact of huge exposure.

Don't Neglect - Don't Worry

Neglect is degenerative on anything especially your online business – so is worry.


Rewardicals are a powerful means to build your online business. Watch here!


Discover SFI’s new program to engage local businesses and earn Rewardicals.

Super Bowl 2021 #1

During the SuperBowl, we discuss 5 different areas of involvement for 2021.

SuperBowl 2021

During Half-time of the Superbowl, we discuss 4 Components of marketing.

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Tweet This program (George McBride)

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How to Sell TripleClicks Products

How to build your own website

Getting started with Email Marketing

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