First Thoughts

A few more thoughts before we begin.

FIRST STEPS will lead you in a systematic progression and elevate you from your current level of “First Stepper” to a knowledgeable, functioning, internet entrepreneur. Just remember: this process can’t be learned, engaged and expanded overnight.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve.
–Napoleon Hill

In his best-selling book written waaayyyyy back in 1937, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill repeats this advice often. His words have become a driving force for me to do whatever it takes to achieve what I believe to be the purpose and direction for my life. And you, reading this right now, wherever you may be, are an integral part of my purpose and direction.

As you begin this training series, two things should be evident in your online effort: Focus and Determination!

Read more about “Keeping Your Focus” by clicking HERE!

Without these two elements being foremost in your mind and activity, you might become infected with the dreaded diseases like “Shiny Object Syndrome,” “Overwhelmtosis,” and “Lacka-Action-Apathy.”

Yeah, I made up the last two, but they’re very valid. You can catch ’em just by talking to someone! Find the cures inside this training course!

Thanks again for joining me.

So, First Stepper… let’s get started!

Your guide and constant companion,

Walter Nigh