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George McBride,

SFI Team Leader and Online Guru!

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Why Does Email Marketing Work?”

Businesses all over the world are using email marketing very effectively. But, why?

A few years ago, the AOL moniker of “You’ve Got Mail” was something that excited all of us! But after several years of “I have 3 million for you “Bank schemes,” lottery scams, and piles of unsolicited spam and junk mail, how do people feel about email these days?

Is email marketing still a worthwhile tactic for small-business owners and marketers to use? 

The short answer is “yes”.

But you would expect to hear that from a guy that provides email marketing tools, wouldn’t you? So, let’s look at some of the big reasons email marketing still works:

1. Email marketing is easy.

One of the reasons email marketing is so valuable for business owners is that it is an easy way to start reaching consumers on their mobile devices without requiring a big investment in new technology or software.

According to the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of US cell phone owners access their email from their cell phones.

Forrester Research adds, “42 percent of retailers’ email messages were opened by consumers on their cell phones. 17 percent were opened by consumers on tablets.”

2. Email marketing is effective.

Consumers often seek out email marketing campaigns from their favorite brands and local stores. 28 percent of US online shoppers intentionally subscribe to receive store and product related emails, according to Nielsen.

Loyalty 360 says, “59 percent of US moms say they would sign up for email updates from brands if rewards were offered.”

There is real value to staying connected to your customers. Email marketing makes that easy to do. If you offer value, people want your emails.

3. Email marketing is adaptable.

The versatility of email marketing is a major reason marketers should keep this tool in their marketing toolbox. Email marketing messages can range from simple to very complex. Emails can be personalized to include the name of the user and even more.

4. Email marketing is inexpensive.

The best reason to use email marketing? It’s easy, effective, and inexpensive. Email marketing allows business owners and entrepreneurs to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of pennies per message as compared to much more strategies such as TV, radio, or direct mail.

And it’s not just saying this. A joint study from Shop.org and Forrester Research found that 85 percent of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics.

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