What’s jam-packed inside

First Steps Online 1.0

Here’s just a few things to consider when going through this training course:

 1. With this FIRST STEPS training course, it might be impossible for everyone to start at the same point. All people have different backgrounds, experience, abilities, knowledge, and varying degrees of understanding of the Internet.

2. Since I’m focused on First Steppers, I’ve included several modules toward the end which cover more elementary Internet concepts. You might find these modules too basic for where you are in your online experience, so you are welcome to bypass them.

If you do skip these modules, I recommend you return to them later and review the material. Something might be lurking in there you don’t know yet!

3. Please refer back to the INDEX for access to other modules. A button is available in each module which will return you to the INDEX page.

4. This is not a race! This training course will allow you to learn at your-own-pace. There is no time limit or time-frame for completion. If you have problems with comprehending one module, take your time, read at your own speed, and take the time necessary to learn and engage.

 5. First Steps Online is not the Only Step! Much more is ahead, if you desire to make online marketing your long term journey.

First Steps Online is just getting started!

Take a look at what I’ve jam-packed into this training course:

First Steps Online 1.0 includes:

First Thoughts and What’s Inside First Steps Online

  Module 1: The Internet – Why Use it for Business?

Module 2: Making Money Online in the 21st Century!

  Module 3: Affiliate Marketing 101

Module 4: Email Marketing

  Module 5: Fun with Funnels

Module 6: Soaring Through the Online Space

Module 7: Importance of Staying Safe Online?

Module 8: IM Lingo and Shop Talk

Module 9: Bring On the Browsers

  Module 10: What’s Up with URLs and Links?

  Module 11: Language, Internet Terms, and a Brief History

Module 12: Top Ten Tools of the Trade

Final Thoughts on First Steps Online 1.0

Before you get started, here’s some information about the FORMAT of each Module:

1. Every module starts with a Basic Content Lesson, which outlines and instructs you on a basic concept or element about the internet and how to work with it.

2. If you are interested in additional clarification or more details about the lesson, just click on the “Tell Me More!” button at the bottom of each Module Lesson.

3. Once you have gone through the training, and are interested for more intermediate or advanced training on that subject, click the “Yes, I want to know more!” button at the bottom.

Some of the intermediate lessons are free, however, access to some intermediate and advanced lessons may require a small fee. (You will be directed to a payment portal to pay the fee.)

Upon completion of the payment process, you will immediately be directed to the intermediate or advance module lesson.

4. Many modules include a video where you will learn as I teach using a whiteboard, or with an over-the-shoulder computer view. Access to some of these videos may also include a small fee.

5. Many modules also have downloads available for additional resources.

6. Each lesson ends with a section called “3 E’s To Succeed”

Look for this logo:


Take the time to improve my mental capacities and enlarge my knowledge base.


Use what I learn and implement the concepts through productive and profitable action.


Once I’ve learned and implemented these concepts and actions, I will do them over and over again and leverage them into massive success.

“3 E’s To Succeed” gives you actionable steps to take in preparing your online business and allow you to get your feet wet in essential elements of online marketing. Or motivate you to dive headfirst into the stream. Your progress depends on you, and you alone.

FIRST STEPS will lead you in a systematic progression and elevate you from your current level of “First Stepper” to a knowledgeable, functioning, internet entrepreneur. Just remember: this process can’t be learned, engaged and expanded overnight.

Thanks again for joining me. So, First Stepper… let’s get started!

Your guide and constant companion,


P.s. . . Take a look at “The Parable of The Orange Tree.”