Landing Capture Pages – A Brief Tutorial

As an internet marketer and entrepreneur, I’m totally sold on the idea of Email Marketing.

My good friend and mentor, George McBride, introduced me to email marketing many years ago and I’ve engaged with this marketing method and strategy ever since.


Historically and experientially, email marketing has the best return on investment (ROI) of any internet marketing method or strategy. More than affiliate marketing, more than funnel development, more than E-commerce – by at least 200%.

Successful internet gurus and marketers rave about their list and how much money they make from them.

“The money is in the list!” “The profit is in the list!”  Why?

Because they know their subscribers will pay for their next vacation, new car or home!

To be effective and successful at email marketing, you need to start with 3 things – a list of subscribers, an autoresponder, and a landing capture page. Without any one of these items, you’ll not even get off the ground. If I were to add a 4th item, it would be — quality content. You must have something of value to “give” in order to “get!”

Email Marketing focuses on “building a list” of people who opt in (freely give their email address) to receive help, tips, freebies, info, or content they’re interested in. This “list” is managed by an “autoresponder” – kinda like an automated database program. Autoresponders then send out emails delivering the info the “subscriber” requested. These emails may include offers and opportunities for the subscriber to buy or purchase various products.

Now to the subject of this page . . .

The method used to collect emails and names, is a called a “landing capture page, squeeze page, or splash page.” Let’s take a closer look!

Some Sample Landing Capture Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Splash Pages

What is a Landing Capture Page (LCP), Splash Page, or Squeeze Page?

It’s a web PAGE visitors LAND on where you CAPTURE their names and emails even though you might have to SQUEEZE it out of them.

The name may be different, depending on who you’re talking to. Here I generally call it “LCP” because it’s shorter than “squeeze page!”

LCPs offer prospective subscribers a taste, a nugget of info, a “lead-magnet” which promotes your offer in exchange for their name and email address. The LCP must be enticing enough to get visitors to “click through” – in other words, enter their personal information, and then click SUBMIT.

When they hit SUBMIT, their info is sent to an autoresponder program and entered into an email campaign. Their name and email address has now been “captured.”

As I mentioned above, these pages are essential and must keep the prospective subscriber from leaving without giving you anything!

You must design your LCP with the best possible text, artwork, and photos to engage your visitors, keep them moving in the right direction, and ultimately accept your offer.

If you are going to capture a high percentage of your LCP visitors, you need to consider the Four Major Components of a Squeeze Page:

Attention Getters– headlines, subheads and images or graphics that quickly stimulate their interest and excitement

Features and Benefits– what you are giving them and how it helps them

Call to Action (CTA) – what you want them to do, such as “Request More information”, “Get your Free Report Now!”, or some other responsive copy.

Opt-in Form– where they enter the information you request.

To create an LCP, you must have some type of webpage design program, a page builder, or a “live” website where an LCP can be built or created.  This creates a problem for many online entrepreneurs and newbies who are trying to start an online business and have very few technical skills to build and design a webpage. Learning how to build LCPs, splash pages, or squeeze pages is the subject of another training I offer called “Build Your Site!”

I’ve covered here a lot of basic information about landing capture pages . . . and there’s still a lot more to say. This brief tutorial hopefully gives you an overview and basic understanding about one of the tools used to “capture” emails to “build a list.”

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