Strong Future International (SFI)

George McBride

SFI Diamond Level Leader

George has been my friend and close business associate for many years. His friendship, business acumen and wisdom has no limits.

His journey with SFI started in 2012 and he has since risen in the ranks of SFI to the top – top recruiter, top seller, top ECA owner, and a host of other accolades.

His advice and wisdom you would do well to adhere and implement.

Below are some of his training videos called, “Building Blocks” and projects he’s involved with.

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George’s Building Blocks Videos

The Fish Parable

George takes a very practical look at, “Give a man a fish . . . ” saying. Is it true?

Buy What You Need

When you work online, there are a lot of programs and fancy shiny objects.

Tweet This (Original)

George introduces his signature sales program using Twitter and Facebook.


When your business begins to virally duplicate itself, big things happen.

Awesome Sponsor

In one of the first Awesome Sponsor videos, George discusses many facets of SFI.

Work With The Workers

SFI’s Launch Pad has one of the greatest SFI mantras, “Work With The Workers.”

Tools For Success

Tools are very important for SFI Success. George tells you how to choose them wisely.

Why I Am Qualified

What does it take to be a Team Leader in SFI? George discussed this succinctly.

Making Thai Somtham

George narrates as a Thai friend in the market makes a very popular Thai salad.

Building Your Authority

Woody Allen said, “90% of any job is showing up!” George explains clearly!

Northern Thai Handicrafts

Take a look through George’s very successful TripleClicks ECA.

George's Spiritual Passion

Serving Thailand is at the heart of George and Awn McBride. Find out what they’re doing.

George also appears in the series, “Awesome Sponsor.” Click here to access.

You can check out, “Northern Thai Handicrafts,” his TripleClicks ECA Store – click HERE!

Connect with George on his FaceBook Group HERE

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