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7 C's Of Marketing Part 1

On one of my latest Walk ‘n Talk, I share with you 7 “C” words which should be in your online marketing efforts.

7 C's Of Marketing Part 2

Here are the last 4 “C” words about your Online Marketing efforts.

Just keeping it real!

7 Bad C's Of Online Marketing - Part 1

In this video I introduce 7 BAD “C’s” of Online Marketing. Watch well! Keep ’em out!

7 Bad C's Of Online Marketing Part 2

Here I add the last 4 Bad “C’s” of online marketing. Keep these out of your business!

Say Whaaat??

This introduction to 4 “Must Haves” includes beautiful dancing Thai girls. “What did you say?”

4 Must Haves

Every marketer needs these 4 items to be effective and successful. Check them out here.

The STAR Method

Are you facing a challenge or a difficulty? Use the S-T-A-R Method. Good advice for you!

Take Care of Your "House"

Your home needs maintenance from time to time. So does your online business!

Sewing Books

Some inspiration and suggestions from the seat of my sewing machine. Fast needles!

Balloons Over Paradise

What does Ballooning and Online Marketing have in common?  Find out here.


Are you easily distracted with life’s problems and challenges? Got Shiny Object Syndrome?

Harvest Time

Every farmer looks for the time when they can reap what they have planted. This is life!

Elvis in Jomthien Beach

While on holiday in southern Thailand, we ran across a music icon! Who knew?

Rice Machines

Get up close and personal with some Thai harvesting equipment. Payday is close!!

Noodle Shop Nuggets

Eating great Thai noodles creates inspirational nuggets of online marketing truth!

Noodle Shop Nuggets 2

I’m back for a second bowl of great Thai noodles. This time I’m going flying.

Get Your Brew On Now!

Click HERE for Great Thai Coffee!