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Training Course Information

Eight (8) Week Course Description

This course starts with the student at ground zero – no previous knowledge or understanding about website development and design is needed or required. The student will progress from website basics, about website building and design, and walked step-by-step through the process of a completed and active website. Each student will be trained and taught how to build on the WordPress platform.

Each lesson lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours in length. The training sessions are recorded and inside “Work With Walt.”

Here’s a short list of the subjects covered in this 8 week training course:

Week #1 – Introduction and Website basics (What type of website? Niche, blog, or personal) This course requires you to provide some effort, do your homework, and provide the necessary elements for your site.

Week #2 – Domains and Hosting – Domain providers, hosting providers, where to buy/host. OR a second and very easy option – discussed in the class!

Week #3 – Installing WordPress and getting started with Themes, Plugins and Widgets. Specific topics include: Setting up WP in CPanel; Using Permalinks, Customizing your Dashboard, and introduction to setting up Posts, Pages and Media files.

Week #4 – Understanding basic elements of WP, overall Website layout, image optimization and copy preparation, static home pages.

Week #5 – Customizing your WP Theme, installing Plugins, and configuring your Menus and Widgets.

Week #6 – Designing and configuring your Headers, Footers, and overall layout of your website.

Week #7 – Uploading content, page development, image optimization, where to get graphics and photos for free.

Week #8 – Customizing your website, integration with an autoresponder, testing and final preparations.

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What’s included??

All eight weeks of training lessons, any downloads, and access to additional training videos. ALSO . . . included is a one hour, private session with Walter, to assess and preview the students’ website. Walter will also offer suggestions, tips, or assistance with the website.

What’s the Cost??

Course Cost – just $47 

Bonus:  Included in the course fee is free access to “Work With Walt” for 3 months ($24 Value).

All students will have access to the instructor for special help and questions.


What’s Required for this Course?

  1. Minimal requirement – Tablet, Laptop, or best option – DESKTOP. It is NOT recommended to build a website with a mobile phone!
  2. Ability to purchase the training course, domain, hosting, etc. (about $90-$100 – TOTAL!)
  3. Ability to navigate on the internet and your computer device with basic computer skills. Basic understanding of URLs, image options, writing basic copy, is highly recommended.
  4. Must be able to follow basic instructions and set aside time for all training sessions. All sessions will be on ZOOM and will be time coordinated for all participants.

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If you have any questions about the contents of this training course, please contact Walter at:

(This information page was designed with the exact type of program and platform in this training course. Overall, this took about 3 hours to design and create!)