Do you ever get frustrated with your advertising and promotional efforts? Are you unhappy with the results you’re getting?

If you’re like the majority of network marketers – the answers are, “Yes, I do!” and “Yes, I am!”

Do you sometimes feel it takes the most egregious and preposturous hype to get your message across and get someone to take a look at what you’re offering?

Of course the issue with hype is that it tends to be self-centered and short lived.

Promotion and marketing doesn’t have to be this way.

Do you ever feel like your business has been permanently mounted on the front seat of a huge roller-coaster? Perhaps again, “Yes, I do!”

Stop the wild fluctuations and over-blown promises in your business and consider the following 10 tips, courtesy of Andre Vatke, Founder of Leaders Club and a very successful businessman.

1. Put your prospects’ wants first in every aspect of your marketing. Don’t focus on how much money you make. Focus instead on helping your prospects accomplish, fix or avoid their most burning issues.

2. Get your prospects’ attention by leading with a focus on their primary concern or challenge. This applies to everything from your ads, your sales letters, your website, your phone calls, mailings, everything.

3. Give away something your prospects want. A well-written report can attract prospects to your web site or a free course can get highly qualified prospects to take your call, or even call you.

4. Give prospects ideas they can immediately use. You don’t need to know all the answers, only where to find them. Do this repeatedly and they’ll soon trust you for ongoing advice.

5. Provide proof that you can help your prospects reach their goals. Success stories are great but your prospect wants to know how he or she will be able to accomplish their own goals. Give specifics about the results your products and services provide.

6. Build a relationship with your prospects so they know you and trust you. Ultimately, people decide what business to join based on gut instincts. A strong relationship with a prospect is an unshakable competitive advantage.

7. Clarify the value of your each of your products and services by detailing the benefits in terms of your prospects’ interests.

8. Give prospects a reason to join today. What’s an added benefit or time-limited incentive you can use to prompt a purchase? Depending on what you’re selling, you could use something as simple as an added CD Training Program or as involved as personal coaching.

9. Provide pricing information in the context of your prospects’ interests. First get your prospects to detail what they want and then tell them the cost.

10. Once a prospect joins, keep giving them the marketing information they want. Continue to educate them about ways you and your company can help them reach their goals and you’ll create even more opportunities to give them the products and services they want.

So . . . stop being frustrated, slow down the roller-coaster, quench the hype, and apply these simple principles!

Now it’s time for you to say, “Yes, I can!” and “Yes, I will!”

All for now . . .