My grandfather was a Bee-Keeper.  He was very good at it and whenever I visited his farm (Idaho, USA), I loved his farm-fresh honey smeared all over the fresh bread my grandmother would make.

As a boy, I would visit his farm about every year and I always enjoyed putting on the long-sleeved shirt and the netting over my head and going out to help him tend his swarm of bees.  He would take a “smoker “- an old bellows-style, hand air-pump that he would insert a piece of smoking charcoal in the end.  The smoke would soothe the bees while we were stealing their honey!

He had a saying about a Swarm of bees I remember to this day:

“A Swarm in May is worth a stack of Hay

A Swarm in June is worth a Silver Spoon

But a Swarm in July Ain’t worth a Fly!”

Some things in our lives are just not worth what they used to be.  The new car you bought a year ago has lost a good size of its value. Your brand new i-Phone, six months from now, will be worth half of what you paid for it. Perhaps you’ve invested money in some “almost-blue-chip” stock which took a direct hit from Covid-19 and didn’t pan out! Shocking, to say the least, to your pocketbook!  These are the things we have NO control over – they’re market driven!

However, there is something we DO have control over and is an increasing value –the investment in ourselves! Our value is driven upwards by our efforts and investment in learning, implementing, and increasing our personal skills. Conversely, our value is driven downward by laziness, an unteachable attitude, and disinterest.

When we don’t invest in ourselves, then we end up like a “Swarm in July!”

When considering the long term value we could be to our families, their security and stability, we must make an investment in ourselves TODAY!  If so, our “value” will increase, our income will increase, and our futures become stronger.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for a “Swarm in June” – that Silver Spoon – to put my value – over the moon! (Sounds like great song lyrics I could croon!)

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