My dad loves to fish!  He enjoys getting up early in the morning, loading up the truck and hooking on the fishing boat.  After loading up his necessary supplies: sandwiches, drinks, chips, cleaning knives, worms, and Ford fenders (a special trolling lure), he is off like “a herd of turtles” to some lake or reservoir to “drown some worms!”

I have great memories of fishing with my dad.  Some fishing trips were memorable, some were not – especially the ones when we fished all day, caught nothing!  We’ve fished together beside gorgeous mountain lakes, crystal-clear meadow streams, and the deep sea waters off the Oregon coastline.

One particular memorable trip took us to a beautiful lake located in the high mountains outside of Payette, Idaho (USA).  After hooking up our Ford fenders and worms we comfortably settle into our trolling mode.  Soon we had some action and bites (fish hitting our lures).  Dad caught the first nice Kokanee Trout, about 14-15 inches long, and then he caught the second and the third! I got nothing!

By that time, I am beginning to feel frustrated as well as baffled. What’s wrong with my bait?  Why are these fish only going after my dad’s lures?  To see what the problem could be, I started reeling in my Ford fender and trolling gear.  Immediately my fishing gear snagged – on a tree stump or log on the bottom of the lake. 

Not wanting to lose my fishing gear, I shouted for my dad to back up the boat.  Jamming the motor into reverse we slowly back up.  However, in our haste he goes too far and the spinning boat prop cuts off my line with my expensive Ford fender still snagged on the tree stump.  Oh no!  This lure is the only one I brought! To make matters worse, my fishing line is tightly wrapped around the prop!

Brooding over the lost lure and how to clear the prop, we hear a flopping sound coming from the back of the boat.  Turning around I see the biggest trout I have ever seen flopping around in the motor well!  He looks to be at least 3-4 pounds (1.5 KG) and 20-22 inches in length (50-55 CM).  To our utter astonishment, inside his mouth is my Ford fender!

Quickly loosening the fish from my Ford Fender lure and putting him on ice, we ponder what happened.  This huge, hungry Trout must have come up quickly from the bottom and swallowed my Ford Fender. Due to his momentum and the fishing line still connected to the prop, he was propelled in an arch out of the water, directly into the back of our boat! 

“Nooooo waaaay!  Can’t be true,” you say? Yes! Absolutely, 100% true!

Dad and I will never forget the day our boat prop caught and landed one of the largest Idaho trout we have ever seen. Needless to say, we didn’t have too many believers in our story!

Do you have a fantastic fishing story?  Sure you do!  Everyone does!  Have you shared it with someone?

Look at it from this angle . . .

Have you been “fishing” for answers to a particular online or marketing problem, fishing for the key to more success in your business, fishing for more business, or just fishing for a new program or idea?

Are you using the wrong bait, the wrong fishing gear? Maybe you’re not even close to any water with fish!!  (Stop fishing in your bathroom sink!) 🙂  You gotta go where the fish are!

There are solutions to your “no luck” days. There are answers to your questions, and solutions to your challenges and problems.

Send me a quick email and tell me what you are “fishing for.”  Tell me where you need help and how I might help you!  Talk to me!  Maybe I have the answers or maybe I don’t! If I don’t, I will find the answers!

After all, we are all in the same boat, with the same needs, wants, desires, dreams and aspirations.

My friend, George, says, “Work together, rise together!”  Pretty good advice.

All for now . . .