What do you want to build?

Building an online business is like building a house.

First you need an idea of what type of house you want to build, then you need a plan (blueprint) and then you need tools and materials.

You wouldn’t start building BEFORE having some idea as to how many rooms, how big, what floor arrangement or layout, and what style, single-level or two-story, and . . .

To do so would be foolish!

So you sit down and make a plan, a layout, a blueprint of how you want your house to look. Once the plan is done, you then need to consider what tools you will need, tools that are “project specific.”

You can’t build a house with dentist tools that clean your teeth. Well, maybe a tiny enamel mouse house filled with cavities. You need to find the proper project-specific tools like saws, hammers, screw drivers, measuring devices, levels, nail guns, to name a few.

Now with the proper tools in hand, you need project-specific materials.

House walls are normally built with wood or cement – not fabric or glass. Roofing materials aren’t made from paper. A foundation constructed with straw, plastic, or Styrofoam would not be a good idea, if you want the house to last more than 10 minutes!

So to recap, you need a plan, proper tools, and project-specific materials.

And one major element (beside energy, passion, and patience) . . . TIME!

Building an online business – like building a beautiful home – doesn’t happen overnight! It takes time to build a house, in fact, a process of time to go from foundation to walls to roof to final completion.

The process of time, the element of maturity, and solid principles of business development will result in a strong, lasting, internet business. You can’t circumvent, override or shortcut these steps.

Someone said, “You can’t shortcut the learning curve!” I believe it! It’s true. And you can’t shortcut the building curve, either.

Yes, you can make it go faster, because people may guide, assist, and direct you through the beginning pitfalls. However, time is still a crucial element.

Without a plan, the proper tools, and the right materials – put together in the correct order – you won’t be successful in your online business!

I can help you . . .

  • imagine and create the plan or the blueprint to succeed,
  • select and find the proper tools, training, and guidance,
  • locate the right materials you need to build your dream income!

But, what you will do with this help is the real question! 

You can take the right plans, tools, and materials – and in time . . .
Build a doghouse!

Or you can take those same plans, tools, and materials – and in time . . .
Build a beautiful mansion! 

Your choice. It’s up to you!

So, my question today . . .

What are you going to build? Are you going to build a doghouse or a mansion?

P.S. I think we should go for the mansion . . .

Nothing ahead but clear skies, open tracks, and empty roads – when you Educate – Engage – Expand!