No …. not the movie with Steve Martin and John Candy – the real machines!

We all have our favorite modes of transportation, whether for work, pleasure, or just going shopping.  Our type or style of transportation depends upon our financial status and current balance in our bank account.  Some can go for the expensive cars; Ferrari, Benz, Bentley, Porsche, or Rolls Royce; while others just want to get from point A to point B and are happy with a beat up Volkswagen Beetle.  Still others can afford their own jet, yacht, hot air balloon or some may just take the bus or train.

What is the common denominator with all these different modes of transportation?

The knowledge and ability that each operator/pilot/driver has  to operate and safely control that vehicle from destination A to destination B!

How many of us can jump on a jetliner Boeing 777, climb in the cockpit and just take off?  Probably not too many of us!  And who in their right mind would want to ride on an airplane with someone who is sitting in the captain’s seat but doesn’t know how to fly? (My hand’s not up!)

What’s the difference??

Education and experience. 

Really the same comparison and principle applies to buying our first car, motorcycle or even bicycle.  A level of understanding and knowledge must first be applied and experienced BEFORE grabbing the controls of any vehicle!  The level of understanding and application is much lower for a motorcycle or small car when compared to the complexity of the cockpit of a huge jet-liner.  I certainly would not want my neighbor’s kid, who can ride circles around me on one wheel, taking the control yoke of any airplane I’m on!!

I love flying, I love airplanes, and I have 9 airplanes I fly myself.  (The radio-controlled ones!)  However, I would never ask someone off the street (including my  neighbor’s kid) to take the controls and fly my planes.  There are several reasons – all of which start with . . .

“You don’t know how!!”

I’ve crashed several planes. Then I’ve picked up the pieces, gone home, rebuilt these planes and have flown them again.  In the process I have learned about the structure, the aerodynamics, the physics, the engines and flying characteristics of these planes. I have learned the “how,” I have grasped the “what,” and I look forward to every “when.”

Ok, Walt, how does this apply to me? I just wanna earn some extra money to buy the wife a new pair of socks!

As online entrepreneurs, we have been given a vehicle – the internet – to create income and wealth.  The internet has been successful; it’s been proven, it’s been around for a long time – it’s “flight-worthy.”

Yes, it’s full of the good, the bad, and the ugly, but so is network TV!

The online space is a valuable, at times complex, but an efficient and profitable tool for us to operate and take us from financial point A to financial point B.

As internet marketers, it is our responsibility to learn how to use, how to access, control and operate this “vehicle” that we have signed on to. For if we do not (and there are many who have not)  learn and understand the basic principles and invest our time and effort into educating ourselves, we will be just like stepping into the cockpit of a jetliner and trying to take off!  The end result will be disastrous for the plane, and very disappointing for our online experience.

For those new online entrepreneurs or  seasoned internet traveler who’s struggling, take the time to really educate yourself, engage what you’ve learned and the leverage what you know to success!

When you do, you’ll reap the rewards of your learning – earning!  And along with your “flight crew”  you’ll be sailing to the moon with future sights on the stars!

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By the way – the movie was great!

Nothing ahead but clear skies, open tracks, and empty roads – when you Educate – Engage – Expand!